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Mula Cake Kids Club | 5th - 30th August 2024

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We are an inclusive charity non-profit educational entrepreneurial workshop based holiday club, aimed at bringing out the creativity and confidence in children aged 8-12 years old.
We have been running since 2014 and have supported over 500+ families, and continued during the Covid pandemic, using Zoom online classes delivering care packages to every child’s house.

Funded by Mayors office and HAF, we have been delivering programmes over the last 4-5 years consistently. As our tag line says, “don’t leave your child cakeless”, we do not leave children or families out, everyone is welcome and catered for.

Mula Cake Kids Club provides a unique and innovative service to families who are eligible for free school meals, and working parents on low incomes. This takes the strain off parents in the school holidays, especially now with the cost of living going up, so many parents need an extra helping hand. Mula Cake Kids Club provides that.